Unleash the full power of your Naim system.

To maintain optimum performance it is recommended that Naim equipment is serviced every 10-15 years.

Showing the insides of a Naim NAP 110

Amplifier servicing

Our servicing procedure is based on Naim's own in-house procedure.

First, we will change all the aluminium and tantalum capacitors in the audio path and power supplies. Then we will check that the unit measures within factory specifications making adjustments as needed. If necessary, we will also clean or recommend replacement of controls, switches and sockets. The unit is then soak tested for a minimum of 48 hours and listened to on an appropriate system to ensure audio quality.

Showing the front panel of a Naim NAC 42

Our customer's say

"I have been living with the Phoenix 135’s and Dragon Newt Supercap for about three years now.  

Installed together they have made a important overall improvement to my Linn and Naim based system... You lose none of the hard hitting Naim PRaT (pace, rhythm and timing) and emotion - it increases if anything!"

What to expect:

Highly recommended."

Carl Leenhouwers 

The Dragon Newt 

Want to give your system that extra bit of love? The Dragon Newt could be perfect for enhancing your unit's performance.

The Dragon Newt alternative regulator board was designed by lead engineer JJ as an improvement on standard regulators and it is suitable for most power supplies.

The Phoenix

Older amplifiers deserve love too!

Our Phoenix power amplifier board was designed compatible with many older power amplifiers including NAP 110, 140, 160 (sleeve case), 250 (sleeve case), and 135. Designed by experienced Naim engineer JJ, you can be assured that the Phoenix board will make your unit sparkle with that high-quality Naim sound.

Detail of SNAXO board set up for Isobariks


We offer a range of services, including modifications for different speakers and conversion between horizontal and vertical split for NAXOs and SNAXOs, and capacitor replacement service on older PAXOs.

Detail of a 555PS with Dragon Newt boards

Older pre-amps

For older pre-amps, we offer specialised modifications including -5 modification and converting SNAPS to dual rail.